Saint Marie, Montana

Hi, I am Pat Kelly the founder of St. Marie and this is a change to the promotional front page for St. Marie.  I am changing the front page to tell you the tragic story of destruction of St. Marie instead of using the site to promote people coming here.  I pulled the Previous Promotional Front Page of the web site because St. Marie is not a place you would want to come at this time, it has been destroyed.  Please view the 1996 video below of the St. Marie that you would have loved to live at. Go to the other Web pages (Most just works in progress at this time), this is a tremendous story, a tragic story, a story about the damage selfish controlling people can do.  This is a story of miracles and success and the destruction that evil in the form of jealousy, control, greed can bring; it is also an example of what happens when good people are controlled and do not speak up.

Why am I saying this?  Why show the ugly?  Well, I will never give up and if I give the facts of the situation, maybe someone reading this will get involved with a solution, right now there seems to be no solution!  I am writing this as a search for Help and to educate people – the positive thing is I have not given up!

Plus, it is one wonderful story that needs to be told – total success by a naive little couple trying to contribute against all odds – Total Success – then destruction by the “little people” who are controlled by jealousy, greed, control obsession, etc. -This is a story of the good and bad in human behavior in a dramatic example.  Please read as a real life story and hopefully grow from the experience.


Today St. Marie should be one of the best places anywhere to live.  It should be building new homes and be close to having 1500 homes with a population of over 5000 residents.  St. Marie should be the home of the regional VA hospital and have a golf course, one of the best club houses in the country with swimming pool, health club, beauty/barber shop, gift shop, bar/restaurant, art studios and more.  A bowling alley with bar/restaurant and leagues.  A large gas station/grocery store/casino complex at the entrance.  Most of this was active or in process twenty years ago prior to the locals shutting it down.  Why?  That is part of the story – it is a very tragic story and has examples of faults and stupidity that goes way beyond the ordinary.

Valley County should have a 100 million dollar tax base and an additional 1000 plus jobs, why did they destroy it and now not want it to flourish?  The so called leaders of St. Marie continue to hold back St. Marie and put up roadblocks to increase the price of homes and the quality of life for the residence.  Why?  Please go to other pages, it truly is an unbelievable story or greed, control, jealousy, and would make a great story starting with a beautiful miraculous story of sacrifice and success and then the fall because of evil that happened in so many areas.  Please read   

Some History – Former Glasgow AFB  (Newest AFB, last one built, longest runway.)

The Federal Government spent 10’s of millions of dollars trying to find a use for the facilities at the former Glasgow AFB and after many years gave up.

Valley County received the runway and commercial buildings at no cost, except to provide water to the housing.


Come be inspired and grow with us

Saint Marie, Montana


This article is a work in progress and just a bit of an outline; later I will expand. I will ramble and organize it later.
St. Marie should be a place for established artists to come and give seminars. I have studied with over a dozen of the top artists in the country and have discussed the concept of holding art seminars with some of them and it really is an ideal location and situation. Two full 4 plex buildings would house a great open studio with floors taken out etc. With all those rooms the studying artists could be in community sharing thoughts and discussing art and all this done at a low cost to them.


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Miracle of Saint Marie

What Happened to St. Marie, is it the result of a “Black Cloud”? 4 May 2014
On the 5th of May it will be 22 years since my wife Judy died; I am going to write this for her; St. Marie could not have happened without her.
*Written in Judy Kelly’s perspective.
Is St. Marie truly lost? Did the people we built St. Marie for really destroy its chances again? We never once talked about how much money we would make if we were successful in building St. Marie. If money had been the goal we would never have been able to do it, we did it out of commitment, and I must say it seemed easy, even with every obstacle you can imagine blocking our way; it seemed easy because we did it together and we did it in an atmosphere of love, love for each other and those who came here to St. Marie.

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Video below is of The Amazing Yellowstone National Park


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